What’s the Difference between Rum and Rhum Agricole?

The wonderful world of rum is filled with many variations of the spirit, we know it can get a bit confusing. One of the more simple ways to help distinguish the differences are with the 101’s. For us that means distinguishing the difference between rum and rhum with an h, which is rhum agricole! For some of you this may be common knowledge, but many are still discovering the beautiful versatility the rum world has to offer.

UPROXX Life helps us the differentiate rum and rhum (commonly first mistook as a spelling error).

Rhum (or Rhum Agricole) refers to the French style of rum, which is made from distilled sugarcane juice. Rhum is technically a variety of rum. It’s kind of like how all Scotch is whisky, but not all whisky is Scotch (get it?). All Rhum is rum, but not all rum is rhum. This style of rum originated in the French Caribbean islands like Haiti, Martinique, and the Guadeloupe.

“Each type has a distinct culture and history,” says Kendall Atkerson, beverage director at Miss Lily’s in New York City. “The taste profiles are wildly different. Rhum is often much drier and generally appreciated as having a bolder, sharper taste.”

The typical rum that we’re familiar with is often typified by its sweet, smooth taste, while rhum is vegetal and grassy at times — like its sibling Cachaça.

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