The Best Rum for Daiquiris, According to Top Bartenders

The classic Daiquiri is a simple rum sour composed of just three parts—rum, lime, and sugar—that is shaken and served up.

Though a Daiquiri is just three simple ingredients, the rum you choose can make all the difference, which means there’s still plenty of room to experiment. Opt for a clean, white rum, and you’ll get a bright and easygoing Daiquiri. Choose something darker and richer, and you’ll get a Daiquiri with some heft to it—possibly even some oak notes. And those are just two options of many.

To help dictate some of the best daiquiris for your pallet, Bevvy has polled some of the best bartender around to dictate the rum (or rums) they prefer in their daiquiris. Among some of the favorites are:

  • Rhum J.M Blanc
  • Clement Canne Bleue
  • Bacardi  8
  • Zacapa Solera 23
  • Cana Brava 3 Year
  • Plantation Pineapple
  • Banks 5 Island Rum
  • Havana Club 7
 Click here to check out the full poll and preferred recipes using these rums!


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